Our Goals


Here at Area, nature lives in the hearts of many of us, and we believe that the only thing more beautiful than art itself is the breathtaking natural beauty of our planet.

Thoughtful Process

Our focus is on generating minimal waste.  We utilize waste for special projects whenever we can. 

Responsible Sourcing

Our paper is sourced from FSC-certified forests.  We use low-VOC Greengold Certified Inks.  


Our process and packaging are plastic-free.  We utilize recyclable packaging every step of the way. 

Focus on Sustainability


How we build, run and grow our business is important, and we consider the impact we make with every decision. We work hard to source the very best materials, utilize the very best supplies, and create the very best wallcoverings that are safe for your family and your home.

Good Design, Good Life

Responsibility needs to be at the heart of good design and a good life. From our clean printing practices to our hybrid office environment, we’re always striving to protect the world around us to the best of our abilities.

However, we know there is always room for improvement. We are committed to mindfully analyzing our production and business practices on a regular basis, always trying a little bit harder every day to be better for our customers, our artists, and our planet.

Blending Beauty With Sustainability

Clean Process, Clean Air

We use 100% PVC-Free Media & Greengold Certified Inks. Our low-VOC wallpaper protects your loved ones from harmful toxins.

Sustainably Sourced

Our paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests and is 100% PVC-free. FSC certification supports forest conservation, offers social benefits, and advocates for better forest management.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free. Our 100% FSC-certified branded packing is printed with soy-based inks and coated with a water-based coating.

Renewable Energy

We currently utilize solar energy for our business, resulting in clean, quiet, and infinitely renewable energy for our operations.

Minimal Waste

We print on demand, which results in less waste. Zero inventory means zero wasted material. We reuse materials whenever possible.

Made in the USA

Shopping locally offers many benefits that can have a ripple effect, such as job creation and a focus on quality that results in a longer-lasting product.

Supporting Artists

There are many sides to sustainability, and an often overlooked issue is how we protect our community and our community’s future. We believe artists make the world a better place. By honoring their original artwork and sharing a portion of every sale, our artists succeed when we succeed.

We hope to inspire more people to become creators instead of just consumers.


FSC-Certified Materials

Low-VOC Inks

artist-driven wallpaper

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