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We know ordering wallpaper can sometimes be difficult, but we are always here to help you make the right decision for your home. Learn more about our product and process below.

Samples are a great way to get started.

When considering ordering wallpaper, we strongly recommend starting with a sample. You can even test our sample on your wall! Getting a sample is a straightforward process – simply choose the mural you like, navigate to the product page, and from there, add a sample to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Our samples measure 8 inches in width and 10 inches in height, specifically scaled to represent a 9-foot high wall. It’s important to note that the sample doesn’t showcase the entire artwork but serves to provide an accurate representation of the mural’s scale for a 9-foot high wall.


Pre-pasted, FSC-certifed.

Our pre-pasted wallpaper offers a hassle-free application due to its adhesive backing, eliminating the need for pasting the wall. All you need to do is spray the back of the paper with water and apply.

The gorgeous matte finish is designed to provide a non-reflective, understated luxurious feel, setting it apart from typical shiny removable wallpapers. Additionally, our paper boasts a beautiful texture akin to fine paper, making it an ideal canvas for showcasing fine artwork.

When it’s time for a change, our wallpaper can be removed – simply saturate your mural with water and peel it away.


Murals are tailored to fit your wall. 

Our wall murals are sold by the panel.  Each panel is 24 inches wide, making it easy to calculate the number of panels you’ll need for your space.

Using our wall customizer, your mural is printed to your exact specifications. Please note that all orders are rounded to the nearest whole square foot. To ensure a seamless installation, our design team automatically includes an extra 1″ to each dimension, to allow for any minor discrepancies in measurement.

For your convenience, installation instructions are readily available for download here, and a printed copy is included with every order.

Free shipping within the United States.

All orders print and ship within five business days, and ship for free via FedEx Ground. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. You will receive a shipping notification via email once your order departs our warehouse.

We print each order special and don’t carry inventory, offering an eco-conscious and customer-centric approach to wallpaper production. This approach minimizes waste and maximizes quality. 

Because printing begins a short time after receiving your order, we do not accept refunds, exchanges, or cancellations.


Sheer Focus Mural by Elise Morris

Shop now, pay later with Afterpay.

Upgrade your wallpaper shopping experience with Afterpay! This secure payment option lets you split your purchases into four interest-free installments spread over six weeks. Enjoy the flexibility of getting what you love right away without the upfront cost. Afterpay is perfect for budgeting, as you’ll know exactly how much you owe and when the payments are due. Plus, there are no hidden fees as long as you make your payments on time. Learn more here or by visiting the AfterPay website.


Murals may contain original artwork details.

Our murals come from original fine art, so there may be inherent characteristics found in some murals, such as delicate paint drips, subtle pencil lines, etc. It’s important to note that we don’t perceive these distinctive qualities as flaws, but rather, as integral components that contribute to the individual character of each mural.

Embracing these elements allows us to celebrate the beauty of imperfection, making every mural a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that tells a story of its own.

Sheer Focus Mural by Elise Morris

Need More Help? 

We are happy to assist with questions, offer advice, or just connect and say hello. Please reach out and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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