Michelle started Custom Keepsake Drawings in 2018, a project dedicated to celebrating the pets, spaces, artifacts, and memories that clients hold most dear. Much of Michelle’s art is commission-based, capturing the elements of everyday life that provide meaning and joy in pieces that customers can cherish.

Michelle Glanville

Michelle Glanville is an artist who focuses on making pieces that bring calm and comfort to viewers. As a child, it was rare that a day would not feature Michelle creating something through an artistic lens. Many holidays and family get-togethers were spent simply sitting together with coloring books, a gallon of ice cream, and a bucket of crayons spread out on the table. It’s not hard to see how Michelle made the leap from coloring books to creating custom pet and home portraits – most often ink drawings colored in with watercolor.

A Minneapolis native, Michelle has long drawn inspiration from the city’s blend of urban space and natural power. She works in various mediums, sometimes mixing media to achieve texture and highlights in portraits. Michelle lives in Northeast Minneapolis with her husband, son, and dog.

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