“What would you be doing if you were not an artist?”

I think about it all the time. I do a lot of things already and have done a lot in the arts. I really love to cook, and I also really love space. In another life, I would love to be a chef or an architect, but I also know the downsides to both. If I won the lottery, I would start an art school.

Michael Cina

Michael Cina is an internationally renowned graphic designer and painter. Michael’s work ranges from designing MTV’s first website to creating custom fonts for Disney. His art has also graced album covers for the high-profile record label Ghostly International. His abstract style is rooted in design and relies on color, balance, and depth, yet it maintains an organic nature.

“Pens or Pencils?”

I like both, but I love to sketch with a good pencil. Pencils are a good reminder that nothing is permanent.

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