An architect by training, she chose to follow her attitude toward a creative profession, in which she can freely express herself: Marta began to explore the world of visual communication, exploring typography, calligraphy, and illustration, and finding the best way to express herself and combine her great creative imagination with her innate aesthetic taste.

Marta Cortese

Marta Cortese is a textile and surface designer who creates freehand drawings for fashion and interior design. She lives and works in Turin, Italy, and was born and raised in Asti, in the middle of the Monferrato hills.

Her portfolio is filled with whimsical drawings of not-so-feral animals, organic geometries, and women with hats. Cortese dedicates many hours to the development of each motif, drawing by hand on cotton paper and using different artistic techniques, in both traditional and innovative ways. In tandem with her work, Cortese loves to devote herself to experimental calligraphy.

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