“I am deeply inspired by the Cubist style of art, unconstrained, outside the lines, breaking free of traditional rules, and the role of interpretational abstracts that are as transient as our feelings.”

Ishita Banerjee

Ishita Banerjee describes herself as an artist, dreamer, and color addict. She is also a classically trained fine artist, with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Applied Arts and a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in Communication Design. Ishita’s art is an assimilation of her life experiences, merging imagination and memory to create vivid and bold abstracts, people, faces, and non-traditional portraiture, rendered in strong color, motifs and details.

Ishita lives, loves, creates, and works in Montreal, Canada, using locally sourced materials, Canadian-made products, and eco-friendly printing techniques, while consciously trying to reduce her carbon footprint by eliminating wasteful packaging and synthetic materials.

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