The landscape in the Northern plains is a never-ending steady horizon. In such an environment one learns to find excitement and inquiry in the slightest variation. For many months of the year the landscape is frozen — the only interruption to low snow drifts being the regular linear patterns of the surrounding farmland. Restemayer’s continual lines of running stitches and fields of French knots were born out of inspiration from those windblown spaces.

Ingrid Restemayer

Ingrid Restemayer is a fiber artist and printmaker originally from North Dakota now based in Minneapolis, MN. Her mixed media artwork incorporates traditional hand-embroidery techniques, on hand-dyed papers and hand-pulled prints – process-intensive fine art mediums combined through collage.

Though fiber is not typically a minimalist medium, Restemayer’s work emulates this peaceful beauty in its monotony while also conveying calmness through repetition. Her work has a hint of storytelling with the use of intaglio images as pseudo-illustrations for a kind of narrative when paired with code-like paragraph shapes formed from hand embroidery.

Restemayer stitches by hand, using needle and thread – not by machine. This is the age of instant electronic communication, the age of getting anything instantly via smartphone. Sustainable tactics in art creation, things made by the human hand often have the power to promote further human interaction. Her work reminds society that non-mechanized art and imagery are still achievable and still experiential.

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