Breaking away from traditional structures, she introduces free surfaces that open new directions. Gabriele’s art is shaped by her observation of her surroundings, a deep connection to nature, and a quest to discern and organize patterns and relationships.

Gabriele Bruns

Gabriele Bruns, a self-taught German artist from Hamburg, revolves her work around aesthetics, focusing on the sensory experience. Her paintings capture the interplay of energy through compositions that flow like a current, where black lines accentuate colors, shapes, figures, and symbols, creating captivating patterns.

Her creative expression exudes unbridled joy and authenticity. Constantly evolving and diverse, her works encompass bird and plant paintings, alongside graphic, abstract, and figurative pieces. Characterized by creativity, unrestrained thinking, the allure of imperfection, and the universality of painting as a language, Gabriele’s art is a testament to her strength and passion.

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