Erik Linton Surrounded by His Artworks

As an artist, Erik has been able to display his artwork throughout the world, from large scale productions to individual collections. He has had the pleasure to work with major brands like Four Seasons Hotels, Marriot, Maker’s Mark, Filson, Target, Macallan, HGTV, Lincoln Center Theater and, Kyoto Journal, among others.

Erik Linton

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Erik has always spent a lot of time in the outdoors and his artwork reflects his love for nature. Erik’s artistic interest began at a very young age, and he began private art lessons from a University of Utah art professor at the age of 10. After university, he traveled to the Amazon of Peru where he studied tribal cultures to better understand how their landscapes are integral to their way of life. Throughout his studies, Erik always felt the need to tell stories visually and found as much interest in storytelling through art as well as writing.

Erik wants his artwork to remind people of our dependence on the environment and the way we interact with it. He aspires to help people see the interconnected relationship we all share with the natural world and each other by simply presenting nature in ways that make us notice the beauty in the ordinary.

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