Doug Glovaski’s work is now collected by several institutional, corporate, and private collections, including the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, the Achenbach Collection at The Palace Legion of Honor San Francisco, the San Jose Museum, the de Saissett Museum in Santa Clara, CA, the Crocker Museum in Sacramento, CA, and others.

Doug Glovaski

Doug Glovaski got a late start with his professional art career: he didn’t land his first gallery representation until he was 36 years old. After spending many years at menial jobs, Doug decided he had to try to make his dream of being an artist come true. He set up a small drafting table in his tiny apartment and began making abstract drawings with pastels on paper, and the rest is history. Over the years, however, he has joined several galleries across the country and has had many solo and group shows.

He is represented in New York, San Francisco, and the Los Angeles area. — Doug lives and works in Spreckels, CA with his wife Jana. He continues to work every day in his small studio, further developing and refining his art in an effort to grow and progress as an artist.

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