Her inspiration comes from the understated elegance in objects that have been discarded and have begun to disintegrate. Nicholas points out that if you look closely at her work, the gold patterns represent this disintegration. Working mainly in blues and golds, she describes these colors as being sensual when used together, but also calming and gentle. She states, “These colors resonate within every pore of my being.” Beth’s work allows her to become more transparent to the world by telling her story through the titles of her artwork and the overall feeling that the work evokes.

Beth Nicholas

Internationally exhibited artist Beth Nicholas works within the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which she describes as “the appreciation of things that have been weathered by time and nature.”

Although born in Long Island, New York, Beth grew up in England. After graduating in 2004 from her studies in textile design at the University of the West of England, she moved to London, where she worked in costume design for film, television, and theater and taught arts and crafts workshops to kids with underprivileged backgrounds. In 2009, Beth was offered a post as an artist in residence at Wycombe Abbey School for Girls. This residency helped her focus and build a strong foundation for her practice, exploring both femininity and textures. It also acted as a catalyst for exploration into the aesthetic and concept of wabi-sabi.

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