Her entire work could be summarized as a configuration of stories in relief. Embracing the expression, the gesture, tactile, and miscellaneous materials. Performing a universal tale about our childhood aspects, joy, roots, worries and working them as a life allegory. Her works do combine various materials: oil painting, acrylic, gouache, aquarelle, inks, canvas, wooden panels, collages, cardboard, sewing thread, posters, etc.

Almudena Pintado

Almudena Pintado was born in Spain in 1969 and has been living in Switzerland since 2011. As a self-taught artist, she develops her style mainly in abstraction and texture, with collages grounded compositions.

Throughout her career, Almudena has participated in numerous exhibitions in several countries such as Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Colombia, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, the USA, Iran, Singapore, and Brazil.

Almudena has also received numerous awards: Honours of the National Academy of Fine Arts of Brazil, Distinctive Award of the National Society of Fine Arts of Paris, Bronze Medal of the Paris Academic Society of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris, First International Award of Fine Arts of the Cordoba Association in Spain, Special Award Arteimpresion of Miami.

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